Best Killjoy Setups For B Site Pearl In Valorant

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Here's how to make the most of your Killjoy setups for B Site Pearl when playing Valorant.

In Valorant, playing Killjoy on Pearl can secure map control. Killjoy has the ability to force enemies off bomb sites with her strong defensive abilities. On a map like Pearl, where there are multiple pathways and entrances, this will be a definite advantage.

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Past stats have undoubtedly proven that Killjoy's utilities can contribute to a high winrate. Killjoy has a variety of defensive abilities, including her Turret, Alarm Bot and Nanoswarm Grenades, commonly referred to as mollies. The setups below will help you in taking full control of B Site pearl with Killjoy's unique Sentinel abilities.

To start practicing your setups, you ideally need to open a custom game and use cheats. Go to 'Play' > 'Custom Game'. Select the map you want to play.

Then click on 'Options' and enable your cheats. Once you save this setting, you are ready to start your game.

Once you pick Killjoy as your Agent, your game will load. Set a bind key to quickly move anywhere around the map without having to walk there as you normally would.

Then, you can pause your match timer once the warm-up period is over. This will get rid of the barricades that separate Attacker and Defender sides, and ensure that your round never ends (until you leave your Custom Game, of course!).

You can then carry on practicing for as long as you like. To be able to practice without restrictions, make sure you also turn on the following settings:

Scroll down and also enable 'Invulnerability', so that you can freely practice using damaging abilities without worrying about inflicting damage on your Agent.

There is a tall platform on B Site that you can camp on if you wish. It's also great for placing your Turret. This Turret is hidden from the enemy until they push site, and will be difficult to smoke off.

It will also displace their aim once they try to shoot it, giving you an opportunity to strike. It will see enemies as soon as they begin to approach site. Place it a little further back, so that it sees enemies coming from Mid too.

Playing Killjoy is often all about changing things up. Pearl is a great map for this, as it offers a lot of high platforms where you can put your Turret. An example of an alternative location for your Turret is on top of these orange boxes.

Enemies will detect it sooner, but the Turret will detect enemies sooner as well. Once again, it's on a high platform, so it has a good field of view and will displace Attackers' aim. The Turret can see Mid as well.

When you play Killjoy, change your setups often, so that your enemies can't predict your gameplay.

If your Turret is placed around the corner on top of the white generator, it will see enemies as they begin to approach site. The Turret can spot any intruders coming from B Main.

It will also see enemies once they push out of B Link. It's another variation to use that the attacking team won't expect. It can be combined with an Alarm Bot and a Swarm Grenade to create a killer trap that slows enemies and deals double damage.

Use this Turret when you want info. Positioning your Turret on top of the box with what appears to be an image of a map will catch Attackers early on, even though they'll likely destroy it quickly.

It's most beneficial on pistol rounds when most attacking teams execute a five-man rush. The damage you deal with your Turret on pistol rounds is also more meaningful, as your enemies will either have no armor or light armor. The Turret sees enemies who have come from B Link as well.

Instead of placing your Turret on top of this box, you can place it behind the corner. It's hidden here, and will catch enemies pushing site. It will again go very well combined with your Alarm Bot and Swarm Grenades. However, it doesn't see much of B Link, so keep this in mind.

Put your Alarm Bot just about where the entrance is from B Main to B Site. This Alarm Bot will work well with the first Turret placement tip above, where the Turret was on the high platform on B.

You could also combine this one with the last Turret position above, where the Turret was hidden behind the corner. It will catch enemies as soon as they begin to push site.

To be less predictable, you can place your Alarm Bot a bit closer to site after a few rounds. It will be harder to shoot, as the enemies won't be able to see it as early.

You can also place it behind the corner alongside the wall to hide it better.

Pearl is a map where much of the gameplay revolves around Mid. To avoid letting enemies push through Mid, you can use your Alarm Bot there.

An Alarm Bot on site will double any damage dealt by your Swarm Grenades if you use them when enemies try to plant. Of course, it could get destroyed.

You can place it around the corner, so that it's harder for the enemy to shoot it. Perhaps you could use this Alarm Bot setup later in the game, where enemies expect your Alarm Bots to guard entrances or Mid pathways.

This Swarm Grenade position might take a little practice. Stand a little far back from the wall, but ensure you can still see the sign. If you look down, you can see a grey stripe with grass on it. You can use this as a guide.

You will see two dark dots on the grey stripe: stand on the two dark dots. Position your crosshair on the corner of the frame and use your right-click button to throw.

The Swarm Grenade detonates in the air. It's hard to see and to destroy. It goes well with the Alarm Bot placed in this area and with a Turret that can see the enemies and slow them down.

The previous Swarm Grenade would only cover one half of B Main entrance. Use this one to cover the other half. You can place it just about anywhere in the area behind the grey box.

If you're combining this Swarm Grenade with another one to cover the entire B Main entrance, enemies have to fall back or take damage.

In case you suspect your enemy might plant in the default spot by the white generator, or if you plant here, you can use this sneaky Swarm Grenade setup.

Throw it around the corner behind the white generator, so that enemies won't spot it.

To make it even harder to find, throw it on top of the base of the white generator. You could use this on attack as a post-plant Swarm Grenade, too.

Upon detonation, nobody can plant or defuse.

Other players expect Killjoy's Swarm Grenades to be on the ground most of the time.

If you can place them mid-air or hide them in the ground, you have a better chance of catching enemies.

If you suspect that your enemy might plant here, or if you've planted here and want to prevent Defenders from defusing, you can place your Swarm Grenade Behind the orange boxes (assuming that the Spike would be planted on the other side).

The Swarm Grenade covers the area around the orange boxes.

To prevent Spike plants or defuses on this common plant spot, you can place the Swarm Grenade on top of this tiny base of the tall platform in the middle of B.

Put it here by crouching alongside the platform. You should be able to see a bit of the base. Right-click to throw your Swarm Grenade on it. Place it behind the corner to make it even harder to spot.

The Swarm Grenade covers the entire area.

If you want to hold B Main by peeking from B Hall, you may want to place a Swarm Grenade in front of you. This can protect you from getting rushed.

At the end of the day, a Swarm Grenade that simply prevents enemies from entering will do the trick. Place it by the entrance of B Main.

This Swarm Grenade covers the entrance of B Main. Just be careful not to use this Swarm Grenade repetitively, as your enemies might predict this setup.

Using a lineup after the enemy enters site may be even better than setting up the site with Swarm Grenades before enemies push. Why?

To use these lineups, go to Defenders' Side Records. There are two wooden boxes. Stand in the corner in between the boxes and look up.

See the railing? Each wooden pole has a dark stripe on it. Count two wooden poles from the right. Then follow its dark line upwards toward the dark line on the aquarium.

Once your crosshair is here, you have two options. You can either jump throw or throw, and either of these will hit a different area of B Site.

You can also use this Swarm Grenade if you've planted on Attackers' side and are able to hide in Defenders' spawn.

The Turret is hidden on the large generator behind the corner, the Alarm Bot is in front of B Main, and the Swarm Grenades cover the entire B Main Entrance.

When an enemy enters, they're slowed and slightly damaged by the Turret, and their aim is displaced in attempt to destroy it, giving you and your teammates an opportunity to shoot them.

The Alarm Bot detects the enemy and doubles damage. If you detonate the Swarm Grenades at this stage, enemies either have to push through the highly-damaging mollies or fall back. If your enemies push from Mid instead, the Turret will see them too.

Killjoy's abilities often work best when they're used together.

Your Turret slows enemies and deals low passive damage, your Alarm Bot doubles all damage dealt, and your Swarm Grenades deplete enemies' health fast.

Killjoy's Turret is placed on the high platform here and sees enemies as soon as they want to enter, whether it's from B Main or B Link. Their aim is displaced, and they're unlikely to smoke off this Turret, unless they have a reason to expect it to be there.

When the Alarm Bot detects the enemy as they push site from B Main, they'll be dealt double damage, and you can detonate your first Swarm Grenade by the entrance of B Main.

Your second Swarm Grenade will be a plant-preventive lineup. The plant spot you choose to cover with the lineup is up to you.

This setup is designed to delay the Spike plant as much as possible. Enemies are first detected and slowed by the hidden Turret. It's a risk for enemies to immediately turn to destroy it, as any Defenders on site pose a larger danger.

Once they get on site, they will activate the Alarm Bot. Again, if they shoot the floor to try to destroy the Alarm Bot, it gives defenders an opportunity to strike.

The first Swarm Grenade is placed behind orange boxes. The other Swarm Grenade is a lineup from Defenders' side that will hit a common plant spot. Once again, the plant spot you choose to cover with the lineup is up to you.

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