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2022-07-15 22:09:20 By : Ms. Ada Zhang

The entryway is often the first thing people see when entering your home, and it's usually the last view on the way out. A cluttered entrance isn't only an eyesore, but it can also derail your daily routine. Items like keys, sunglasses, and shoes deserve a prime storage spot so you can locate them at any given time.

With a proper drop zone, you can leave the house in less time and with more confidence knowing you have exactly what you need to go about your day. Our collection of best entryway storage ideas, including tips for furniture choices, hook placements, and shoe solutions, will help you organize this essential area of your home.

An entryway is the perfect place to showcase a favorite set of drawers or antique dresser. Not only will a pretty piece of furniture catch the eyes of visitors, but it can also serve as essential storage. Fill drawers with hats, gloves, and scarves during the colder months, and sunscreen and flip flops in the summer. Place bowls for keys and loose change on top of the dresser and hang an elegant mirror above it. This makes it easy to do a quick outfit check before heading out the door.

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A floating shelf is small but it can also be mighty. Put one to work by affixing it near the front door to hold all your daily essentials, like your wallet and glasses, for quick grabbing. For larger items, such as outgoing packages, situate an attractive basket below the shelf. And don't forget an umbrella holder—it will come in handy on unexpected rainy days.

There's something charming about sitting on a park bench surrounded by nature. Why not bring the same sentiment into your home? A wooden bench by the entryway gives household members a comfortable place to lace up sneakers. Slide a long, shallow basket underneath to store shoes and attach a hook rack above to hang tote bags, sun hats, and jackets.

If you have a beautiful window in your entryway letting in lots of natural light, the last thing you want to do is block it. In lieu of a standalone bench, consider installing a floating one to provide an essential seating element to your entryway. Pop a couple of patterned pillows on top for comfort and a boot tray or baskets underneath for additional storage that takes up little square footage.

If getting your children off to school feels like a battle most days, an organized entryway that appeals to kids might be the solution to more effortless mornings. A cubby and hook combination hung at their eye level lets them grab their backpacks and books with ease while also providing storage for the rest of the family. Kid-friendly baskets slide underneath to hold toys for the car or pet supplies. Use a corkboard for important memos and hang a clock so they know when it's time to leave.

Whether you have little ones in the house or not, base cabinets can come in handy when it comes to entryway storage. Place two base cabinets next to each other, then install a board on top to create a DIY entryway storage center. Fresh flowers and framed art are a welcome view upon entry and a small basket holds incoming mail until it's ready to be sorted. Closed cabinets conceal clutter and a row of individual hooks keep bookbags and jackets in line. If there's room, add a tray to corral your most-worn shoes.

You can also take the opposite approach and create vertical entryway storage from floor to ceiling. A soaring built-in unit creates a faux mudroom and optimizes this corner entryway. Drawers along the bottom disguise shoes when not in use yet make them accessible to reach when you sit down on the attached bench. Each family member has their own cubby for coats and totes and upper cabinets or shelves store off-season accessories. If you're handy, there's always the option to build your own mudroom storage unit.

While most shoes should be stored away in bedroom closets, the few that you kick on and off most days can hang out in the entryway. Seating with lower storage is one of the simplest and most straightforward solutions. Find or build a bench with comfy cushions and shallow shelves for your select pairs of flats, sandals, or running shoes that you'd like readily available when you're about to leave the house. Keep the amount of shoes to a minimum and regularly swap shoes out as needed to reduce entryway clutter.

Organizational systems should be uncomplicated because the easier they are to maintain, the more likely you are to follow through. For a high-traffic area such as the entryway, this is especially important. An unfussy set of wall hooks to hang basics and a floor tray to toss shoes might be all that you need to keep your entryway tidy. Use the simplicity of the storage as an excuse to go all out on styling the space.